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   The Bhaktivedanta Learning Institute for Self-sufficiency (BLISS) was instituted in 2014 as a department of ISKCON Vrindavan to raise awareness about Self sustainable vaisanava communities locally as well as globally. It offers a common platform to present different efforts and projects towards self-sufficiency in Vrindavan where thousands of devotees meet every year from all over the globe. BLISS tries to expand communication and networking between experts of various related fields of knowledge and organizes conferences and seminars so that innovative thoughts, ideas & expertise can be exchanged.

BLISS Vrindavan promotes already existing projects such as various farm communities all over India and Abroad which is developing a new Pilot Project in Mant – Mathura towards reaching self-sufficiency through cow based agriculture. BLISS is also researching on establishing Traditional Gurukul, Acharyaculam and Varnashram College providing opportunities for self sustainable devotees in future to learn and practice various traditional and spiritual activities where simple living standard can be established.

Today we are all witnessing wide spread of diseases like CANCER & HEART ATTACK, because in our every bite we are consuming poison. Every day we intake 3ml poison according to one government survey. To overcome this, past 2 years Bliss has been sending a team of devotees to the Braj villages where they train the farmers on Natural Farming, water preservation, providing & promoting natural Indigenous seeds & Krishna Consciousness. We have adapted 6 villages & more than 10 farmers in who have joined us in doing cow based natural farming as per the “Bliss Two Acre Model Plan” which requires: 2 acres land, 2 cows & 24 fruit trees.

Previously most of the farmers were doing single crop. Bliss is teaching them multiple cropping viz: different varieties of grains, fruits, vegetables, spices, herbs etc., drip irrigation, rain water harvesting, planting big trees around the land to use them as a boundary to protect the small trees & plants. which will make them self sufficient & self sustained. The surplus products are  taken by BLISS outlet, which has been opened in Sri Sri Krishna Balaram Temple premises in Sri Vrindavan Dham, to provide it to our Temple community & Devotee Kitchen Dept.