ISKCON BLISS is working on establishing a Model Farm & Training Institute in seven acres land in Mant, Mathura.

The ISKCON BLISS Model Farm based on cow based agriculture consists of:

  1. Two Acre Land
  2. Four  Indigenous (Desi) cows &
  3. 24 Big Trees
  4. One Water harvesting pond.
  5. Community Seed Bank
  6. Multi-layer farming.

By following this Model in Braj which has more than 1200 villages, we can make more than 5000 ponds, lakhs of cows can be protected, by planting trees it will bring back 12 forests of Vrindavan & the Ancient Braj.

Taking care of cows – Cow Based Economy & Brahmnical Culture.

1. Every house must keep cows with love & care (No more street cows), so that in 10 years there will be 15,00000 cows in Braj Mandal.
2. Cow-dung, cow urine & milk will be used for agriculture, food & medicine.
3. If one farmer takes care of 24 trees on 2 acre land for his own needs then automatically it will create forest.
4. Brahmnical Culture will be established  by living with cows, land & Krishna.