BLISS Vrindavan is progressing towards starting its Farm Community in  Vrindavan. Located few plots of around 100 acres in Vrindavan. It will consist of Traditional Gurukulam, Acharyakulam (Teachers Training), Varnashram College, Cow Grazing land, Agriculture Field, Community Residence, Guests Cottages, Herbal Garden, Ayurvedshala etc.



This constitutes the infrastructure of a Krsna Conscious community which combines all the BASIC PHYSICAL ELEMENTS to run a Perfect society corporately. The list below delineates the basic elements (with some subsidiary elements) which are most essential for the survival of an Ideal Community, corroboration the Community Project Diagram.

1. Road
2. Parking area
3. Outlet for surplus village products
4. Main entrance
5. Kutirs for Orientation & Guest
6. Cow Century (Fruit Forest & Grazing Land)
7. Agriculture Training Institute
8. Ponds
9. Bhojanalaya
10. Temple
11. Community residence
12. Cultural hall for spiritual programs
13. Goshala (Aged & Sick Cows)
14. Ayurvedic Herbal Garden
15. Ayurvedic Vaidyasala

16. Gurukula (with library)
17. Agricultural Fields
18. Sannyasi Kutir
19. Brahmacari Ashram
20. Kitchen and Dining Hall
21. Kutirs for Vanaprasthi and pujaris
22. Wells
23. Deity Garden
24. Traditional Arts & Crafts Training Workshop
25. Varnasrama College
26. Administrative Block
27. Check post
28. Cow gathering places in Forest
29. River