Seminars and workshops are required in villages because the farmers are not connecting the cows with agriculture & therefore the cows are on the street eating garbage & plastic etc. Cow dung cakes instead of being used as natural fertilizers in the villages are going to cities to use in the factories made by the village women as extra pocket money & in return chemical fertilizers are exported to villages for agriculture at higher cost.

We trained farmers on cow based agriculture. BLISS is giving in-depth training on making cow based natural pesticides and fertilizers (Bijamrita & Bijamrita), multiple cropping. drip irrigation, rain water harvesting, which will improve the fertility of the land, reduce environment pollution, increase ground water level & decrease the cost of production. By sending the cows back to the farmers for using in cow based economy we can protect the street cows in real sense.

Kolhapur Farm Visit for Jaivik Krishi Training

BLISS Vrindavan team took 14 farmers to “Sri Sidhagiri Farm” in Kolhapur, where they were given on the field practical training for two days by Shri Kanaji Nikam, the Head of Jaivik Krishi.

Shri Bharat Bhushan Tyagi's Farm visit in Bulandshahar for Jaivik Krishi Training

Again BLISS Vrindavan team took  around 25 farmers to “Sri  Bharat Bhushan Tyagi’s farm in Bulandshahar – U.P. where they were given in-depth live training on making Jivamrita, Bijamrita to produce Jaivik Khaad (Natural Fertilizers) for two days by Shri Bharat Bhushan Tyagi Ji.

Bikaner & Jaipur visit for Jaivik Krishi Training

BLISS Team took 8 farmers from Braj to Bikaner & Jaipur for Jaivik Krishi Training.

Lokesh Ji's Farm at Jatoi visit for Jaivik Krishi Training​

BLISS Vrindavan team took 20 farmers to Lokesh Ji’s farm in Jatoi for Jaivik Krishi Training.

Organic State Sikkim visit for Jaivik Krishi Training​