ISKCON BLISS is providing market to all the six farmers for their cow based agriculture produces in the BLISS outlet & the surplus products are  taken by BLISS outlet, which has been opened in Sri Sri Krishna Balaram Temple premises in Sri Vrindavan Dham, to provide it to our Temple community & Devotee Kitchen Dept. 

Service Opportunity :

BLISS Vrindavan is planning to open “Jaago Kissan Bazar” in near future to distribute the natural products produced by the local farmers.

BLISS Vrindavan is recruiting serious students interested in studying, researching & teaching the following subjects:

1) Education Reformation

2) Seed Reformation

3) Cow breed Reformation

4) Land Reformation

5) Sustainable cotton industries

6) Panchgavya, Ayurved & Natural health care.

Contact :

Indraneelmani Das
+91 8006080019